Danes in Pain part 2
Kali Danes Master James sensualpain 2018-03-11 22.99 credits Buy Movie
In the second part of O⁄our time with the lovely Kali Danes, Master James helps Kali to face one of her fears and puts her quite a bit outside of her comfort zone. Her breathing intensifies as she is locked into the head and wrist stocks and perched not far off the ground. But for Kali, her fear of heights makes the sweat begin to pour from her body. To distract her, Master James positions a dick in her mouth with a head immobilizing feature. Her breathing continues to be labored as he implements the cane and single tail to her exposed backside. The next device that Master James crafted for Kali is a true piece of artwork and by the end of her fitting, she becomes beautifully woven into it as if she were a part of it all along. Completely tied into this web of steel, leather and rope she is helpless as the nipple suctions are placed and pumped. Her legs spread and labia piercings exposed, Master James hangs weights off of them, giving her a pair of balls to be envied. The crack of the whip seemed to be the last straw for Kali and the untangling began to unfold. Bonus features of Kali's interview are also added as a peak behind the scenes.
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