Cowgirl Live Part 1
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Guest, 72923: Can you describe your thought and preparation?

I’m trying to relax. I’m tying to put myself into the right frame of mind to accept everything I can, and submit totally.

I think about the members when I am in a situation like this. I very much enjoy performing.
And being an exhibition for you.

What I expect tonight? — hopefully find a new plateau in my role as a submissive.

I expect nothing but a great show as always.

The tortures I like most. My all time favorite is forced orgasms. It gets pretty torturous.

I love mummification and latex. Suspension; especially inverted suspension.

I like canning, corporal, flogging. And I believe we will do some of that tonight.

Pd: Though we use elaborate devices besides rope for restraint; we are testing readily obtainable pieces such as cable ties and hose clamps for this occasion. But we have leather straps ready to replace them as their sharp edges and stiffness have a greater potential for harm.

Bound with sharp-edged cable cords to a high metal chair, cowgirl is a living, breathing statue, a monument to desire. Platinum blonde with ruby red lips contrasting her pearly skin, she is eroticism encapsulated. Throughout the three-hour pre-feed PD hovers around her like a shark eagerly circling its prey.

When the show begins, he pounces on his victim. The caged decoration 1201 observes as he pulls down cowgirl’s red cocktail dress and stuffs her mouth with black panties. He pulls a posture collar tight around her long graceful neck and places a heater under the cage. Her sensuous squirming does not prevent the heat from roasting her pussy and ass.

A gimp squeezed into a tiny cage is placed under cowgirl’s chair and instructed to ease her pain. The gimp voraciously ravages the cunt before her; cowgirl moans softly, enjoying her break.

But shortly the gimp is dragged away and the torture begins again. Her fingers are spread and encircled with small clamps. She screams in horror as pins are pushed deeply into the sensitive tissue under her fingernails.

Released from her chair after four hours, cowgirl is forced to stand on a mat of sharp plastic spikes while a rope digs into her tender pussy. She rocks from one foot to the other, sobbing and begging for relief.

Her body is then woven into a metal ladder with ass out, chest lifted, and arms extended upwards. Her pale skin shimmers as it is covered with singletail lashes. A flogger brings a red hue to her ass.

Let out of her position, cowgirl is left unbound to receive the caning of her life. Latching on to the ladder, she presents herself bravely. PD begins with the light cane and gradually increases in size. Soundlessly, she absorbs the strokes and thanks PD after each. Deep welts cover her ass and thighs, but she is driven, determined and focused; there is no way for PD to break her.

Bound into the chair again, a transparent mask is pulled over her face and breasts are tied with leather. With the fucking machine and eroscillator stimulating her simultaneously, she comes easily. All her pain is released in a series of passionate, erotic orgasms.
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