Innocence Lost
Jessica Kay Jack Hammer hardtied 2015-10-28 16.99 credits Buy Movie
A girl like Jessica Kay lets you know with her smile and her body language that she is young and innocent, but she doesn't want to stay that way forever. She wants to keep the look, for sure, because she knows that it makes the men want her. What she wants to lose is the actual innocence. She doesn't just want to be wanted, she wants to be had. She wants to be used. She wants to be beaten until she is bruised and crying. And she'll have it.

Jack is going to cane her until the tears flow from her face and the juices flow from her pussy. She's a bondage slut and a pain slut, completely ready to submit, even while she sits there grinning with her braces and innocent smile. Young, eager, and oh, so sweet, Jessica is about to become a favorite play thing for one of the most intense dominants out there.
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