Lydia Black hardtied 2017-03-08 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Another day, another girl with winged eyeliner and a seemingly endless need for a beating crawling her way into our dungeon to spend some quality time with our handler Matt Williams. This week, her name is Lydia Black and she is about as tiny and sexy as they come. Matt could probably wrap all the way around her rib cage with just his two hands. Let's hope he doesn't break her in half as he beats and vibrates her until she breaks.

Matt has Lydia tied down to the floor, her legs spread in a walking split and her wrists lashed to the ceiling to help her balance there so she doesn't tip over. He sticks a ball gag in her mouth so that he won't have to deal with as much of the whining and moaning that is inevitably about to come out of her. Once that precautionary measure is put in place, he goes to work caning, whipping, and flogging her feet and her little tits. With each strike she lets out a muffled squeal.

Matt has been known to play games with our models, and today is no different. He gives Lydia a range of numbers to pick from to represent the intensity with which he will be flogging her pussy. After a few good hits, though, it's time to give the girl what she wants: a good, hard orgasm. Matt puts the hitachi down on her clit and turns it on high. Lydia's feet begin clenching and flexing before he even sticks his fingers inside of her. Matt finger fucks Lydia until she screams and cums, her juices flying from his hand and dripping from her pussy. After that it looks like she's barely there. It's all over for Lydia Black.
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