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When O.T. goes to the hardware store, he doesn’t just shop for tools. On his most recent trip he convinces innocent looking Kel Bowie to come to his place to help him with a personal project he is working on. She doesn’t expect to become the project herself. Kel is more than willing to help him out though and soon she is balancing on her toes with a steal wire around her neck.

While other women might be frightened and searching for an escape, Kel doesn’t want to get away. She is so aroused she struggles against her restraints in an effort to touch herself, but relief will not come quickly for Kel. First O.T. wants to see her squirm so he fastens her pussy tightly shut with wire and she is tied down and made to suffer under his whip, but the more he hurts her the more excited she gets. Soon she is writhing, moaning and begging to cum.
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