Sight Deprived Cunt Play
Abigail Dupree Master James 2018-04-29 24.99 credits Buy Movie
An Hour of between her legs cunt play. This sex slave is under sight deprivation the entire time with legs spread wide feeling every exposed and vulnerable. Hooded, gagged and restrained in a bondage device designed to keep her legs open no matter what I do to her. Bouncing between pain and pleasure with vibrators, ball wand and weighted nipple clover clamps she is never sure what will be done to her next. she has a deep orgasm from the ball wand as her pussy lips are straining, pulled open on the end of hooks. This video will take all the mystery out of cunt play, you will never be the same as you watch her struggles, her delicious desperation's of pain⁄pleasure under different types of deprivations from leather, steel and wood. I personally enjoy watching her asshole react to different sensations as much as the full view of her pussy slowly becoming swollen and engorged from the sensation genital play. Explicit content to say the least.
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