Hacker Capture Suffer Cry
Maddy O'Reilly is a hacker, and she's a good one too. She's been working for years pulling images and information from secret government organizations,foreign and domestic alike. After so long kicking virtual ass and taking names, however, she's grown very cocky and a little careless, and when you're working against the FBI, a little bit of carelessness goes a long way. In no time at all she has the feds kicking in her door, pushing her down on the bed, locking her in handcuffs, and carrying her off to God knows where.

Wherever it is that she ends up, it's dark. She has no idea what's happening, all that she knows is she's terrified and being pushed into a tiny cage next to a girl who looks like she's been in there for a long time. Maddy is made to take her clothes off as a large man holds a taser next to her cage and watches, insisting she removes every article even if she has to tear it off her body. When he leaves her she is already shaking and tearing up, and they haven't even gotten started with her yet.

Maddy is in trouble, because the FBI found out that she has downloaded thousands of images of state of the art torture techniques they use to get information out of prisoners. It only seems right that her punishment is to have each of them used on her. The trouble is she doesn't have any information they want, so there is nothing in the world she can do to make them stop. They cane and whip and flog her ass until it swells and changes colors. They lock her in a box with horrible ambient noise blasting at absurd volume. They hang her upside down and stick an electrified dildo in her ass. They waterboard her and touch her vulnerable body. Now she'll understand why it's best for girls not to get too curious.
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