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Master James has caught himself a live one this time and the fear in her eyes is intoxicating. Something tells me she knew exactly what she was doing all on her lonesome, lookin so cute and poking her nose around in places she wasn't supposed to be.

slave abigail annalee collared, locked, and cuffed to the hangman's donkey, quivering in Master James' dungeon is a captivating scene to behold, and she's only in place for a short moment before the real fear sets in and she's crying. This slave is a reactive one, shuddering at every flog and provocation, pleading for mercy with her eyes, but Master James knows how to control her behavior and amplify the intensity of her senses so He affixes her with a red-sponge gag with clear tape attached to a long rubber hose, makes a blindfold out of her cut panties, then places nose pincers and a plastic bag over her head. Now she's in proper sub-space, nowhere to go but to focus on the whips of the single-tail and the vibrator at full-speed. Nothing to do but anticipate the next moment, fail, and be surprised as pain pushes her into the reality of every excruciating moment. When mouse-traps are put on her nipples she thinks she's felt pain, that is until Master James uses the single-tail to whip them off. But the fun doesn't end there. The bag, blindfold, and gag come off and she's quickly brought to body-shaking tears again before being unbound from the hangman's donkey and caged in a small steel box for the night, with her head and hands trapped in the bars. The lights go off.

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