Piss River Part 1
London River realtimebondage 2018-07-28 18.99 credits Buy Movie
London River is not new to Real Time Bondage. Each time she comes back she goes further, deeper, creepier, crazier. This livefeed is no different. She and her decoration Rocky Emerson start attached to a stand in the middle of the stage.

We start by putting contacts in her eyes. Not just any contact lenses. These are white out contact lenses. London explains that with them in she can just barely make out shapes. Lights and silhouettes are all she can see. Then begins the water drinking. Cups are filled with water and handed to London who begins to drink.

She's tied to a post in a gynecological position and a catheter is put in her bladder. She's unable to pee, but as the water gets drained she begins to beg for release. The members aren't quick to let her empty her bladder. She's going to have to convince them.
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