For Daddy
Winnie Rider is young and hot. She has the kind of sexual fantasies that men dream of, too. She wants an older man to be her Daddy, someone who will not just take care of her, but discipline her when she's been bad. Take one look at her body and tell me you wouldn't want to teach her a lesson or two.

Cold metal shackles hold her in place by the throat and wrists. The wooden frame is rough against her back. She's wearing a short, pretty, purple dress, but this horny young thing is so ready for action she hasn't even bothered putting on panties. Typical of her, to think she could go out of the house dressed like that. If she wants to dress like a stupid slut she will get treated like one. We'll cut away that outfit and give her a just punishment.

Winnie really only has one option, she needs to learn to love pain with her pleasure. Daddy is going to make her cum herself senseless. It starts with the hitachi, buzzing away at her clit while he whips her well oiled body. Canes, floggers, open hand slaps, he's bringing it all and she just keeps on cumming. But when the suffering is too much for her to keep getting off he has something even more powerful in store for her. She's going to ride the sybian until the motor gives out or her body does. We're talking about non-stop, Category 5, induced orgasms, with no end in sight. We'll see how she is doing in a few hours.
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