Work Camp 2
Maggie Mead infernalrestraints 2012-08-24 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Out behind the barn PD keeps a very special training instrument that Maggie Mead is about to become intimately familiar with. It isn't the most painful or dangerous tool in his arsenal but it leaves a hell of an impression.

It is just a small tub set down into the ground with a steel grate over the top. You put your disobedient girls into the hole for a night or two and see if that straightens them out. If they still haven't learned their lesson, it is water tight for a reason. Heap on some dirt and hose her down and she will be struggling for the surface in a pool of filth in no time.

Obedience needs to be tested sometimes, too. Maggie is given strict orders on how to react when PD plays with her perfectly pierced pussy. And she is told what will happen if she misbehaves. How well can she maintain her composure when all she wants to do is cum?
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