Nasty Bottle Bitch
Alex More had a little too much fun. After a night out, she's stumbling in her stilettos and slurring her speech, but Sgt. Miles knows just how to get her cleaned up. He locks her into a strict metal collar and shackles, promising it'll help "process those toxins." The only thing she'll be processing though, is pain.

He snips off her pretty outfit, revealing her gorgeous fit body. Suddenly, it dawns on poor Alex what she's in for. A rough throat fucking brings tears to the naughty little slut's eyes as she whimpers pathetically. She struggles for air and slobbers all over herself, but what's a bitch good for if you can't even fuck her face? He goes to town on her sweet little throat over and over, til she learns to keep her tongue out and take it.

When he's satisfied with her oral performance, Alex is pulled up off her knees and bent over. She could hardly stand earlier; by now she's shaking in her heels as Miles opens up her tight slit with his fingers. Panties around her ankles, he grabs her hips and viciously fucks her as her cries fade into satisfied moans. She sounds even better once he gags her with a leather strap and her eyes roll back, overwhelmed by cock and pleasure, just like a good little slut should.
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