Winter Release
Denali Winter    
2012-06-08, 54 minutes, 607 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
Credits to buy this movie: 19.99 credits
It is a pretty hot dress that Denali wears while she stands around in her cage but as pretty as she is, Elise Graves did not decide to keep her around for her looks. Elise has her here because she is soft and weak and because she needs to feel it and know it is true.

She may look tough but once the pain starts it is very obvious that she wishes she could be anywhere else. Denali's pleas of "no" and "stop" fall on deaf ears. Her shrieks of pain or terror will blend together with her moans of pleasure soon enough. Until then, Elise is content to ignore her protests and go about making her miserable as though she has not made a peep.
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