Anal Predicament
Abigail Dupree 2019-06-26 14.99 credits Buy Movie
It is Summer and anal sex is in the air, or should one say that ass is in the air for an 'Anal Predicament'. Master James is as sadistic as He is hedonistically perverted, not to mention addicted to anal sex with sex slaves. So if this sounds intriguing from the start, then you might want to read on, have a peek at what the Master has on the rack, device or table...

Most sadistic publishers are fascinated by one particular facet of their trade and that is the many sounds that come from the acts of debauchery, the different sounds that emanate from the punished are amazing! The pleas, moans and cry's, the wet sounds from sexual deviance or the smacking from spanking a bare bottom. A whip or cane echoing off the dungeon walls are always delicious. The rattle of a steel cage as the leg irons drag the screech metal on metal Is one od Master James favorite second to the natural reverberation of a whore being used, a bitch in heat.

In this documented movie of a sex slave in use, you will find slave abigail in quite the device predicament, with a hook in her ass tethered with rope and pulley counter weighted by her wrists in steel shackles. She cannot go too far with her ankle shackles rope tied to her pussy lips, painfully pulling on the tender bits. All this rumpus has Master James ready to ride this anal slave to town and back.

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