Red Hot Part 2
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Darling is sexy as fuck. She has been around the scene long enough that we know that whatever we do to her, the hardest part is going to be keeping her from liking it too much. We only want her cumming when we give the orders, but Darling is so hot for bondage and discipline that sometimes she's on the edge of an explosive orgasm while we are whipping her massive tits.

That's how it goes when our model is a such a dedicated pain slut. We do things like apply a brutal zipper clip and she screams in agony when we tear it off, but when we check between her thighs her pussy is dripping wet. Some girls can't cum when they are in too much pain but this one can barely stop herself. When we put the Hitachi between her legs and start finger banging that tight snatch of hers she cums like a fountain. Darling isn't always a squirter, but if you get her worked up enough she is old faithful. It's nice to know that our tender ministrations are so well received.

It's her tits that are the real pleasure button for her. We don't spare an inch of them from the abuse, either. We tie them off to make them extra sensitive, then pump her nipples with suction cups before tying those with baling twine. They are two massive, sore globes on her chest and she is putty in our hands. Eager submissives are always fun to have around.
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