Red Hot Part 1
Darling realtimebondage 2016-03-26 18.99 credits Buy Movie
There is no warm up or ramp up to what we have in store for Darling today. This is a hardcore humiliation and pain slut, and she showed up literally begging to be used and abused by our crew. Well, we had some ideas on how to make this big titted blonde's dreams come true, with a little bit of magic everyone knows as wasabi.

Made to set your tongues aflame, more than a little is torment to even the most hardened palette. This stuff isn't made to go on the sensitive bits. A little bit between the legs and our bright and sassy submissive slut has turned into a sobbing, shivering mess. You asked us, Darling, if your big, beautiful eyes made us feel sorry for you. They don't. We just want to see them full of tears. When putting the fire between your legs doesn't get the water works going enough for us, we will cram it right up your nose.

This kind of torment is something you would expect to see in the grand finale for some girls. But for Darling, we'll start there and see how far we can take this.
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