Hung up like Christ on the cross, Nikki has a bit of time to think about the things she said during our question and answer period. She has to wonder if telling our crew that she was most afraid of Jack and Elise is going to come back to haunt her. They're certainly the two going at her body with whips, but the second they step out of the way Matt comes in and begins to work her pussy and tits with a flogger.

That is when she starts screaming so loudly she needs to be gagged. Her make up is running down her face in streaks, carried by her tears of pain. Maybe, she thinks, she shouldn't have leveled a challenge of that sort to the rest of the crew. When they come over to attach the nipple clamps it becomes a bit more clear. As they attach the weights to them, all doubt is removed.

This has turned into a game of “who is the better sadist?” The zipper clips come out. The candles are placed so that one can drip wax on her while another one provides an open flame to hang her over. It is full BDSM overload before long. Tears drip down her face, wax drips off her feet and Nikki is hanging and helpless, just trying not to come apart at the seems.

The worst is yet to come. It is an ancient and powerful technique, pushing pins under the nails of a victim. Nikki's prettily painted toes are perfect for it. It isn't just a pin per toe. There is more than a dozen in there before all is said and done, each one like a little beacon of pain. It takes her mind away from the nose hooks and nipple pumps, but only for a few seconds.
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