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Violet Monroe has never played with me at TopGrl.com before. She has seen her fair share of BDSM action but never has she felt the difference that a woman's touch can make. Everyone thinks that the men hit harder, that they are somehow crueler and more dangerous. But when they let me work on them for a bit they quickly learn otherwise.

Violet is going to get fucked harder than she ever has been before. A man's cock may tire out but the piece of rubber hanging between my legs is always hard and looking for more. Violet's pussy is the target today and there is no way in hell she is getting out of here without getting off.

Rope bondage is a good way to make her feel helpless. She loves it. Losing control is part of her fantasies. But she wasn't expecting the water bondage twist. The way I'm fucking her has her gasping for air. The multiple orgasms tearing through her have left her breathless and every time she tries to collect herself she finds her face dunked under the surface of my tub. She said she loved breath play. This is how I prefer to do it.
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