Bondage Lane
Karla Lane hardtied 2019-09-11 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Karla Lane is just a sex pistol. She's so excited to be tied up she can't help grinning from ear to ear. She watches intently as the ropes get wound around her wrists. The excitement is palpable. Once she's tied she wiggles and tests her bondage.

She's got the tits that can be tied up nice and tight. It's obvious they need to be bound. They are attached to her wrists so that whenever she drops her hands she tugs on them. A rag is taped into her mouth to keep her from drooling all over herself.

An ass like Karla's needs to be beaten. It just begs for it. Not hitting it would be criminal. With her hair pulled back her ass is perfectly positioned for a good flogging. Then it's time to tease her cunt.
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