Racked Skewered in Pain
Abigail Annalee 2018-05-23 9.99 credits Buy Movie
When a masochist becomes a collared sex slave and the Master is in tune with the needs of said chattel, it is a dynamic with the beginnings of enough elements to succeed in one of the most rewarding relationship most would never understand.
When this slave is stripped of her clothing and her name and is given the number 626-132-779 instead, she shines.
When 779 is allowed to come to the SensualPain Dungeon for further training, she glows.
When Alebeard from Paintoy gets her on the Rack, she screams with glee as he bombards this Masochist with relentless pain from impact toys made for delivering intense pain. Then he is kind by rubbing her pussy then a slap on them tender bit to another rub then heavy slap. The fun begins when Master James give Alebeard a large tree branch to skewer her juicy pussy with..

A must see... But not by the faint of heart.

tags; Bondage Device, Extreme Domination, Large Insertions, Screaming, suffering, masochist, Odd Insertions, Sensualpain, Odd Insertions, pussy slapping, pain, painful, pain, slut, pain play, Steel Bondage, Bondage humiliation, Female Desperation, Bound and Beaten, steel restraints, intense,
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