Fiddle Pig
Slave Jess has joined us for another installment of pain and suffering here at Sensual Pain. This time, she was the one askin' for a hurtin'. It was forcast to be a scorchingly hot day out and Master James had planned accordingly by waiting until about 4pm to get started... the hottest part of the day. By the look of slave jess's pure white skin, it's quite obvious this little lady doesn't find the sun to be enjoyable and by her own confession "never goes outside".
She is stripped down and fitted with a metal waist cinch, heavy metal ankle shackles chained together, and plopped onto an upside down bucket right next to the scorched tree trunk in direct sunlight. Her disdain already showing at this point, Master James instructs his slave abigail to wrap slave Jess's hands into fists using medical wrap and fit her with the fiddle restraint that was dangling from a chain on the tree trunk.
The heat from the sun is having an obvious affect on her attitude as she winces and moans at the slightest discomfort. Master James handles that whining with a rigid tube gag and her tears start to flow. This slave's need for pain does not come from a reward of pleasure or a primal draw to her captor, it comes from needing to be challenged and needing to compete against herself and the need to feel a pain greater than the ones that haunt her.
Master James throws off her balance by elevating one of her legs with a sling behind the knee and it's not long before she is asking for relief. She gets just a little but not before Master James toys with her like a cat playing with it's half crippled catch. Oh but he has only just begun.
She is pushed apart at the knees by a spreader bar that attaches to rigid knee restraints and is strung up by the wrists again. Being as dainty and high maintenance as she is, it was only natural that Master James wanted to find her edge and dance there for a moment. she is adorned with a pig mask and red ball gag as she sweats and is teased and tormented by Master James and his annoying pokes, prods, tickles and downright fucked up ways. stay tuned for more!
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