The Facility
Blaten Lee infernalrestraints 2018-11-09 19.99 credits Buy Movie
We all look to control something in our lives. Sometimes that control becomes an obsession. For me it was sex. A friend recommended The INSEX Facility. I was told they could really help with my addiction. Walking around the grounds I was very impressed.

No one told me I would be sharing a room. No one mentioned that I would be bound the entire time and made to wear a dick gag. I don't know how they expect to treat sexual addiction by taking sexual advantage of me. The one thing I sought to control in my life has now been taken from me.

Once they trained me to behave they began bringing men and women in. Usually several in a day. The doctor usually watches. Sometimes he video tapes it on his phone. I know the people pay him for it, but the doctor keeps every penny.
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