Anal Snakes and Colt Cocks part 2
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2017-02-01 6.99 credits Buy Movie
Anal Snakes and Colt Cocks part 2 - Ooooo I'm feeling firey tonight. And Ive got a 30 minute date with a 29 inch anal snake and a huge, delicious horse cock. I start out with the snake and insert it all the way inside of my ass up into my guts... I can't help but moan in pleasure as it works its way past every turn. Talk about getting to know yourself. I do this a few times to make sure I'm ready to take on the huge horse cock I just got in the mail. I love the huge balls on it and the dual color. I fuck it with my pussy first to test run it and then can't wait any longer to feel it in my ass. I fuck it good and watch the white of the cock get swallowed by my ass. I wasn't expecting to take it all but low and behold.. I did:) I love it!
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