Fiddle Fucked
Marina infernalrestraints 2012-10-12 24.99 credits Buy Movie
Marina has a tight ass that needs to be trained. The process will be excruciating but it will be worth it. She has the kind of dedication that it takes to take any amount of pain. She may soon regret being so committed to satisfying PD, though. For every torment that Marina endures, thinking that it must be the worst PD has to offer, he has another one, just slightly worse, already lined up.

Getting her ass flogged seems like it is horrible but once PD begins to cane her feet Marina is longing for the feeling of leather on her ass again. Just as she begins to come to grips with the sharp strikes against her soles he moves her to a chair covered in sharp spikes.

All the while she endures it as peacefully as she can. Marina only screams out when the agony is almost too much to bear. Normally this means she is as quiet as a mouse. Today it means she may go to bed hoarse.

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