At The Stocks Out Back
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2018-06-10 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Master James had started his day early this morning with blueprints from his dreams that were calling for him to forge into existence. His slave was busy multitasking and had been up all night and exhaustion was beginning to show. She tried to pretend not to notice Him weaving His sadistic web as she was hurrying to wrap up all of her projects in order to sneak away for some much needed rest but just as she got one foot in the door, Master James called for her to meet Him out back. She stopped, lifted her head to the sky and let out a massive sigh before taking a deep breath and accepting whatever fate her Master had laid out for her. She never expected that the worst of her suffering would come creeping from the ground up. Another twisted look into a day, a lifestyle of Master⁄slave BDSM living.

tags; Chastity device, Tit Press, Stocks Steel Restraints, Extreme BDSM, Bondage Device, Male Dominate, female submissive, Bound Orgasms, Master, slave, suffering, masochist, whipping, chain bondage, Sensualpain, outdoors, pain, painful, pain, slut, pain play, Steel Bondage, Bondage humiliation, Female Desperation, Bound and Beaten, steel restraints, intense,
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