Zero to Sixty
Ashley Lane infernalrestraints 2019-04-05 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Ashley Lane is back again. This time is different. In the past we’ve made good use of the fact that Ashley cums like crazy. Why should she get all the fun? This time she’s going to be teased and denied orgasm. She’s chained to the ground with her mound exposed. She pleads for orgasms, but she’s had enough of those.

With pipe sticks holding her she tries her best to steal an orgasm, but OT is skilled at keep away. Each time she’s about to climax he pulls the vibrator away and Ashley screams her disapproval. She stomps her feet and begs, but it’s not convincing.

She’s completely exposed. She can’t close her legs to protect her pretty pink pussy. The vibrator keeps her constantly on the edge of ecstasy. She begs and whines for release. When it does come it’s so powerful that it rips through her and instantly she’s had enough.
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