Bondage Monkey Part 1
Endza Adair realtimebondage 2015-04-25 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Endza needs to decide who she wants to piss off. She gets asked the fateful question, "who are you most and least afraid of?" and instantly she knows she's stuck. The most afraid of question isn't that much of a problem. Whoever she says will probably be kind of flattered by it. No, it won't earn her any mercy from them, but at least they won't be angry. But the other person... the one she's least afraid of? That one is going to have something to prove. In a room full of dedicated sadists, the last thing she wants to do is give one of them an incentive to take things even further.

We don't need to be motivated by her words, though. She's got a body that screams out for abuse. And we have all of these wonderful members who are contributing their great ideas to the cause. It doesn't matter how she answers that question, or any of the others for that matter, because in the end it is the membership that is going to be choosing what happens to her, and they are known for their creativity.
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