Medical Melee Part 1
Lydia Black realtimebondage 2019-10-26 18.99 credits Buy Movie
While Lydia and Ava wait for the show to start they are each put into a straightjacket. Lydia's is a nice black leather one. Ava's is a snug canvas jacket. When the prefeed is over Ava is put inside the box with her restraints still on.

Lydia is attached to the top of the box with her ass out. Her pants are cut open at the crotch and her panties are cut off. Her toes are tied out to the sides so she can't protect her cunt at all.

We want to hear Lydia so we introduce a sound. It goes right into her urethra and a vibrator is applied to her clit. It's not long before she's cumming and when the sound is removed she squirts all over.
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