New Life
Sosha Belle infernalrestraints 2017-12-22 19.99 credits Buy Movie
They told me not to go to the house at the bottom of the hill. They said the man there does weird things. I've heard that you can hear women screaming from his garage. I knew I should stay away, but I just had to see for myself. When I looked in the window what I saw made me so horny.

As if he knew I was coming, there was a bondage device and a gag left out for me. I put myself in the bondage and oh it felt so good. He caught me masturbating in the bondage. I just couldn't help myself. The feeling of the cold hard restraints made my cunt drip.

One device after another he put me in and made me scream. Every stroke of the cane, every lash of the whip, every time he spanked me it just got me closer and closer to cumming. When I did finally cum I squirted all over his shop. I guess this bondage stuff is my new life.
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