Cunty Part 1
Kay Kardia and London River are here to strut their stuff. They're a pair of sexy women who are so into BDSM that they have decided to participate in the most grueling bondage experience out there, a Live Feed.

Here's how it works. For weeks beforehand our members spend time on the forums, tossing out the ideas they have for putting these girls through hell. Kay, the star of this show, gets to read all of their ideas, and they get her pretty...excited. But on the day of the feed there is no way for her to know which ideas are going to be used against her. Even worse, since the members are able to participate in a live chat, they may get creative and suggest some things she isn't at all prepared for.

In most shoots a girl has a bit of time to relax between scenes, but not this time. With a live show the action is completely non-stop. It means Kay, and the decoration London, are going to be going through intense positions, humiliation, and corporal punishment, back to back. There will be no breaks until one of them does. And this is just part 1 of the fun.
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