Baby's Box
Felony infernalrestraints 2013-05-17 34.95 credits Buy Movie
Felony is unfamiliar with the finer points of device bondage. She has played with rope and metal before, but never with someone so intense as Cyd Black. You see, tight rope and some canings she can take, but stick her in a box, head first, and she starts sniveling right away.

She is locked in before Cyd starts talking about covering it up. That is when she really starts to lose her shit. To help take her mind off of it he decides to cane her feet. After all, he can't seal her in as long as he is making her scream and sob. It doesn't actually help her keep calm, but it is still hot as hell. She can barely choke out the words to tell him how much it means to her.

Coming out of her box, Felony looks hopeful, like there might be some kind of rest or reward for her. Not a chance. The tears rolling down her cheeks show that she is finally starting to understand, though.
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