Summers Lovin
Coralee Summers hardtied 2018-09-19 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Coralee is just like any other bondage slut. Once the ropes go on she's a happy camper. The ballgag is super tight and that's the best! Spread her legs to expose her dripping gash and she purrs. Coralee loves the bondage. It's not necessary, but once the vibrator teases her clit she's done in.

Having a slab of cold hard metal shoved between her labia makes for an interesting ride. Her arms and then hair are pulled back to increase the tension on her tender cunt. Her back is arched as much as it can be without breaking. Just the right position for some face slapping and choking.

Then it's time for Coralee to swing. Like a marionette she's pulled in every direction by ropes. Her legs are held open creating easy access for a pogo. OT uses the dick to swing her around the dungeon. She can't help cumming, she's got no choice in the matter.
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