Painful Cleaning Gallows Whipped
slave Lucy Master James 2020-08-05 7.99 credits Buy Movie
slave lucy was tasked to pickup the spilled peanut off the floor with her mouth... Oh no! ... What? she used her hand to move one to convenience herself and simplify the task... Wrong move slave, you were instructed to use you mouth, nothing was said about using your hands. Looks like some harsh hand caning strikes are in order here, then out to the gallows with you for some strung up whipping to that bald head, small tits and random body shots.

Maybe next time you are told to do something, you will accomplish it as instructed.

BDSM, Corporal Punishment, Metal Devices, Hand Caning, Whipping, Task, Failed, Training, Outdoors, Humiliation, Degradation, Cruelty, TPE, slave, MtF, Transgender, Tranny Pig, Freak, Steel, Device Bondage, Male Master, Slave Training, Early Training, Agony, Sadomasochism, Total Power Exchange, Metal, Suffering, Creature, Pig, DEBRISx, Bizarre, German method, Medieval, Persecution, Playing Music Badly, Public Humiliation, Suffering, Torture,