Ho, Ho, Whore Part 3
We unwrapped our toy, and we've been playing with her all day, but we are not every careful when it comes to pretty, young sluts. Jessica Kay should have been labeled fragile, because she is about to be completely broken by the end of this.

Enough pain will bring anyone to tears, so it isn't surprising that Jessica is crying while we flog her tits. Her nipples have been getting played with all day and they are super sensitive. And of course when we put her nipples in suction cups and a rope around her neck she is almost a blubbering mess. But if you want the real evidence of how much she has been through today, watch her reaction to the Sybian. The multiple, intense orgasms start to put a smile on her face, but she has been so horny for so long that she doesn't remember to hold herself back a bit. As soon as she cums once she is filled with regret. This machine doesn't stop like her gentle lovers do. It keeps on buzzing between her legs, tearing more ecstasy from her body until it turns to agony. Her eyes have rolled back into her head and she barely knows where she is by the time the vibrations finally stop.
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