Breaking Bratty
Piper Rage Jack Hammer hardtied 2015-07-08 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Brats are always fun to have on hand. There's something satisfying about taking a girl who loves to be mouthy and making her shut the hell up and submit to her superior. Piper Rage knows this. Hell, she's probably done it to a person or two herself, being a switch. But now that we think about it, that makes this whole thing more fun, too. She is experienced. She's tough. She's got a bit of fight in her. Jack Hammer is going to remind her of what it feels like to be used.

It takes a lot to break a brat. You can't expect them to go down without giving you a bit of lip. Piper is no exception. She taunts Jack endlessly, begging for him to push her harder. He has no problem with that. He goes as far as to break a cane over her ass, and the only break she gets is the time it takes him to go grab another one. He tapes her mouth shut eventually, but he's not going to stop tormenting her until she stops THINKING that she can get the better of him.
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