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Victoria has only done a little bondage in her life. She watches every move intently. Her nervous anticipation is exciting to both her and to OT. The neck rope pulls her back and the ropes around her wrists pull her forward. Her taut body is pulled firmly in both directions.

She's clearly enjoying this, but OT has to make certain. He rips her clothes from her body and manhandles her. Her sweet moans give away her arousal. Her pussy is wet with excitement. OT teases her. As he rubs her clit he gives her a slap any time she gets close.

She's flying high and she's so exposed. It's the perfect time to use the pogo to push her around the stage. With the rag and tape covering her mouth her screams and moans are muffled. Victoria is up on her side flying again. This time OT whips her as she spins.
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