Poor Sister - Helga's Night
Dolly Leigh     Rain DeGrey     Ella Nova     Pockit Fanes    
2017-02-17, 25 minutes, 1,886 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
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In the second episode we find that Terri has been allowed out of her windowless basement cell to come upstairs and clean the house. She first has to scrub the toilet. Nurse Helga finds her special time alone with Dr. Hartmann interrupted by Terri's obnoxious presence and decides to put the girl in her place. When Terri fails at the simple task of taking out the garbage she is punished by her sister-in-law, Dr. Hartmann. That night Nurse Helga is surprised to find out that Dr. Hartmann has plans to spend the night with her husband, Larry. Feeling hurt and rejected, Helga takes out her frustrations on poor Terri. Starring Dolly Leigh, Rain DeGrey and Ella Nova.
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