Bondage Monkey Part 3
Endza Adair realtimebondage 2015-05-16 18.99 credits Buy Movie
It is almost time to be done with our little Bondage Monkey, Endza. As much as we love having her, no good thing can last forever, and live feeds are no exception. At some point we're going to have to untie Endza, probably put some clothes back on her, and turn the cameras off.

But for right now we're going to keep enjoying making her suffer. In fact, we may go as far as to see if we can make this one break before we send her home. Wouldn't it be fun to see exactly how much pain, suffering, and humiliation she can endure before we finally let her go?

There are whip marks already starting to turn to bruises across her chest, stomach, and thighs, but there's also so much of her body that hasn't had nearly enough attention yet. We have canes that we have to bring out for the soles of her feet, her pussy, her ass. We have predicaments left to put her into. So yes, it's true that the live feed is almost over. But that just gives us the opportunity and motivation to take things even further.
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