Ashley Lane Is Insane
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An feature is a powerful thing. It let's us explore the darkest fantasies of our models and crew, creating a stunning and unique experience. It's BDSM at its very finest.

Ashley Lane has just been checked in for some treatment that she could never get anywhere else. We have a very special way of taking care of our patients here. They come to us willful and disobedient. They come to us not knowing where their place is in life. And we, through the miracles of modern medicine and old-school BDSM, change all of that.

Ashley is a perfect specimen. Her tits and clit are adorned with piercings that show us that inside she knows exactly what she is and what she wants to be, a pleasure slave. We just need to break down her exterior and get deep enough inside of her head to make it happen.

We have a variety of ways of showing a girl like Ashley what her body is made for. First we strap her down into the gyno chair and spread her legs wide open. From here we can expose her, make her feel vulnerable, and begin treating her with a mixture of pain and pleasure that will make her brain confuse the signals until she can't tell which is which.

We degrade and humiliate her, taking her outside before cleaning her out and hosing her down. This is to break her mind so that we can replace her will with something better. When we take her inside she is complacent. She knows what we want. When OT plays the music her body begins to sway seductively, letting him know that the conditioning is taking hold.
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