The Farm: Bella‘s Visit Part 1
Bella Rossi infernalrestraints 2014-09-05 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Nothing says bondage like spending some time with PD. Bella Rossi is a veteran bondage slut. She loves being locked down and played with. Her favorite part is getting fucked, but if she's planning on feeling any cock inside of her she is going to have to get through the foreplay.

For some guys that means a bit of kiss, maybe some awkward gropes, but PD is no teen virgin looking for his first score. He's one of the biggest names in BDSM for a reason, he knows how to take a girl to the next level. It starts with letting her languish in rope on the floor, but before long he's escalated this scene to cold, hard metal and some serious corporal punishment.

Just before the grand finale PD gets her into the ultimate “fuck me” position. Her legs are pulled up and back, exposing her ass and pussy. Her head is locked down so he can always come around and ram cock down her throat. She is helpless, exposed, and dripping wet. She couldn't ask for anything more.
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