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One of the more frightening things about being a model for one of our videos is the feeling you get when one of the handlers is walking toward you carrying some device meant for torment. Possibly the only thing scarier is what Sasha, our model for today, is experiencing. Sasha has a leather hood on over her head so she can't see anything at all. All she gets is the muffled sound of footsteps moving toward her as she is left to wonder what agony awaits her next.

Matt Williams has her shackled down to a metal pole, her legs out in front of her and her body leaned all the way back. He covers the nose holes in her hood with a strip of tape to make it harder for her to breathe, so that everything he does to her will be that much more frightening. She sits there in the darkness and suspense, breathless, as he flogs her tits and her stomach. She flinches from the sound of the tails moving through the air. Her body starts to turn red, not that she can tell at all except that with each lash the next one hurts a little bit more.

He walks away from her, removing the tape from her hood and letting her body have a few seconds rest, but a few seconds is all she is going to get. Even as he leaves her, she is shaking and panting, her body quivering in pain and anticipation. That body starts to full-on shake when she hears the sound that every submissive fears, the crackling of electricity at the end of a cattle prod. Matt shocks her nipples, perking them up, then he shocks her pussy. It is as if her body is being jump started. She squirms and shrieks, unable to control herself, never knowing when or where the next zap will come.
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