Weekend @ London's Part 5
London River realtimebondage 2017-04-15 18.99 credits Buy Movie
London River is at long last ready to finish her long hard weekend away with her friends. She is so worn out and has been through so much by the time we return to her that she doesn't even have the mental energy to be afraid of what is coming next. All she can do is sit there on her knees, panting and trying to answer our questions until the handlers are ready for her.

In this final hour of her vacation, London is completely taken apart by our handlers. She is shackled up on the floor and has needles stuck through her nipples and then electrified. While she is down there she is made to eat pussy as she moans through the pain. She is bent over and spanked, caned, punched, and beaten with a good old fashioned belt. Then she is laid out on a table and cling wrapped down to the table and given an enema.

When they're done with her, London is an absolute mess. She can't stop crying. She needs a hug. It's next to impossible for her to get herself to calm down enough to answer the questions. She's been through a lot, so we give her a round of applause. Her live feed lasted longer than any other we have had on our site. What a trooper.
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