Self-Inflicted Part 3
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Blazing hot redhead Kel Bowie has been fucking herself up for our viewing pleasure for a while, but we can't let her have all of the fun. We need to get in on this act if we are going to truly enjoy ourselves, and besides, we know that she can take more punishment than she is willing to show us without some additional encouragement.

It's lunch time for our pet, and we have some pretty heinous options for her to satisfy her hunger with. There is nothing appetizing about what we put down in the dog bowls in front of her, and like any animal she's going to have to just put her face in and eat it up, making a huge mess in the process. We always knew Kel was a dirty girl. This just confirmed it.

Later on she'll call O.T. a great coach, but while she is trying to walk on her knees across a bed of rice she has nothing nice to say. The rice does its work beautifully opening up tiny cuts on her legs, but this is almost of thend of her shoot so we don't need to take it slow. Rain picks up a flogger and starts working Kel's back while the sexy submissive tries her damnedest to have an orgasm. O.T. grabs a whip and goes across her tits and ass with it, putting in some marks of his own for her to remember him by.

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