Feast Your Eyes Part 3
Sierra Cirque realtimebondage 2018-04-21 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Sierra Cirque's cunt has been treated to some rough play. It takes a lot out of a girl. We need to keep her energy up so it's time for some food. Sierra is offered seven cans. Some of which have good things, some of which are awful. The problem is that she has no idea which is which. She has to pick two cans; the contents of which will be mixed and presented to her. She chooses dog food and beets.

Kat Monroe likes girls so while Sierra gets beat Kat gets smothered by Sierra's ass and pussy. First it's the singletail and then it's the cane. Sierra asked for marks and OT doesn't like to disappoint. The singletail leaves bright red lines across her back and ass. The cane brings mean purple lines up from cheek to cheek. Two happy girls.
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