Between the Bars
Sometimes the most simple devices have the greatest effect. Violet Monroe is going to be acutely aware of this fact. The wooden frame around her neck leaves her languishing on the floor, unable to do anything effectively. The two metal bars that she is stuck between later don't seem like much, either. They're secured to the ground, but how bad could they be?

But, like we said, simplicity can be effective as well. The positions are just as simple as the device. She's bent over with her ass exposed, her nipples are clamped and weighted, and the cane is coming down without mercy. She's on her back with her legs in the air and her feet are bearing the brunt of the punishment. Her legs are bent and her holes are exposed and Violet is begging, pleading, screaming the words "Please don't shock my ass hole."

Between the bars and the creative ways that we can make women suffer Violet learns that it doesn't take elaborate and expensive devices to put her in her place and having her begging for permission to cum.
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