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The plastic that contains Bambi is like a warm embrace, but it belies the horror that is to come. OT stuffs a giant rag in her mouth. More plastic wrap holds it in. OT creates a mask that covers her pretty face. She begins to struggle in earnest. She's truly afraid of what might come.

Bambi has a cute little ass and OT plans to explore it. He makes it nice and pink and then he probes it with his fingers. When he's satisfied that she's nice and open he hooks her. Once she's nice and tight he canes her till the red lines punctuate her pink cheeks.

With a spread like Bambi's there's no chance she was getting out of OT's studio without having her legs pulled wide apart. Exposing her most tender of bits. Her sweet little gash drips at the exposure. OT puts suction cups on her cute little tits. Then he creates an insex mask out of an old dress.

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