Dungeon Slave
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“Hi, I'm Mia Gold and I'm here today to play out a fantasy I've always had...”, she said. “I'm really excited for today.” “It's been months since I've been in bondage.”

It certainly isn't the strangest fantasy a girl has come to us with. She wants to be take, pulled into a dungeon, bound, tormented, and teased. It is exactly what we do around here.

OT is the man with the plan today. He has experience taking hot little sluts like Mia to the absolute apex of ecstasy. It starts off slowly. You can't dive right in and give them what they want too soon. So many of these girls think that bondage and discipline scenes revolve around them and what they want. Letting Mia languish a bit lets her know that everything that happens is going to be on OT's terms.

She was probably expecting to get tied down and fucked. She hasn't earned anything nearly so fun. Real cock is too good for her. She can suck on a dildo while OT vibrates her a bit.

What she probably wasn't on the look out for was the intense humiliation OT had planned. After he whips her face through a hood he is going to make her look and feel like a serious piece of trash. Nose hooks, a spider gag, and a tongue clamp have her face contorted beyond recognition. She is a drooling mess when OT breaks out the vibrator again. Considering how she described her sexual fantasies it should come as no surprise that her pussy is dripping almost as much as her mouth.
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