Birthday Wishes: Damage Me
Hazel Hypnotic realtimebondage 2014-11-15 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Amazingly enough Hazel Hypnotic is still singing the same sweet song. You know the one. “Hate me. Damage me. Defile me.” All Hazel wants for her birthday is the most taxing BDSM experience of her entire life. Is it too much for a girl to dream?

We make birthday wishes a reality here. Lovely Hazel is always fun to rough up a bit. She wears the kind of make up that starts to run as soon as her eyes tear up, so you always know when you've gotten inside of her head.

Quivering, sniffling, sobbing, and screaming, Hazel is giving us everything she has got and we're returning the favor. We have no patience for the kinds of girls that quit when the going gets tough. She has no love for the kinds of fake sadists that promise to push her limits but always play it safe. All Hazel wants for her birthday is the most amazing BDSM experience of her life. We're helping her live the dream.
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Birthday Wishes: Hate Me
Birthday Wishes: Defile Me
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