Evaluating slave Lucy Day 2
slave Lucy sensualpain 2020-06-28 9.99 credits Buy Movie
This is day 2 of slave lucy (SLRN #142-692-341) AKA Tranny Pig's evaluation. In early training, it is important to break a slave in using physical restraint and transformative pain. Master Jame’s locks slave lucy in a small steel cage and puts her through the work.

This eunuch Tranny Pig has been on hormones for 2 years. Her body is still transforming. Budding breasts and a shrivelled cock. She is good for service, pain, and absolutely anything else her Master desires.

Shaved head, septum ring, slave tattoos; a grotesque display of gender fuckedness and degradation. A subhuman freak and pig. Not the kind of girl you bring around the family. Her journey into real Total Power Exchange, harsh slavery, and a life of suffering, has only just begun. If she proves herself worthy, she may earn a steel collar, effectively becoming property.

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