Whips and Stocks for slave jess
Slave Jess is fitted with an even heavier set of stocks with the added weight of a steel grid back piece and hoisted under the gallows to a squatting position. A test of endurance and muscle strength. She is finding too much relief by alternating between each leg to maintain this position so Master James pulls out the Galley Whips and goes to work on her breasts, stomach, pussy and already tender thighs. He toys with her a bit, making her think that she is finally going to be relieved of this strenuous position as he lowers her to an even more unbearable height. This is where she nearly lost all of her energy to go on... but Master James was not finished with her yet. He continues to use a variety of whips and belts on her as she is lying on her back, immobilized by the stocks and blinded from the view of her body and all the things he is doing to her. The hardest test is yet to come. This is the second part of the full video "Test For slave jess".
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